News from Columbus Soft
                Infomail - October 2006
   1. Back again
   2. PriMus is coming
   3. Questions & Answers


1. Back again:
It's a long time, that you received the last mailing
from Columbus Soft. And also our homepage didn't change
much since then. Some people even were afraid, that we
silently had closed down in the meantime.

The opposite is right: what appeared to the outside as
a kind of hibernating in fact has been years of hard

Remember: when we long time ago ended the distribution
of the ancient Score Perfect, we made two promises to
all our users:
- nobody will be left alone with his problems
- the bunch of unhandled ideas and user-requests
  will be addressed
- you won't be disappointed, when trusting in Columbus
  Soft, a future-proof solution will be presented.

That meant, that we have to develop a program from
ground up, which
- is compatible with the past (loading SON-files)
- is compatible to modern operating-systems
- is future-proof
- is professionally developed and maintained

At the same time we wanted to guarantee, that the
unsurpassed user-friendlyness, wich our users knew
from Score Perfect, was not only resembled but even

This ambitious task has taken much more time than
expected. But now we are close to seeing the result.
Its name: PriMus.

2. PriMus is coming
While the name is an abreviation for 'printed music',
the latin meaning "the first, the best" at the same
time indicates an ambitious claim:

- PriMus ist the first program, which is able to integrate
  more than one music-piece in a single document.
  Opuses with several movements, songbooks, all that is
  now possible without any hassle.

- PriMus ist the first program, which combines music-notation
  and desktop-publishing. Text, graphics and score-parts
  can be arranged in the document-flow or arbitrary
  be placed on the pages.

- PriMus is the first program, which offers higly
  sophisticated functionality without sacrifying the
  geniously simple operation-concept.

There are many more highlights, which make PriMus unique.
From now on up to the final release we will present
a new highlight every week on our homepage.

This weeks topic: "Mixed songsheets in one document":

3. Questions and answers
Old customers and Score-Perfect-users mainly have
three questions:

-- Do I have to buy a new program? --

Answer: No. Our long term users know and appreciate
us for the always moderate price-policy. This won't
change. So you will receive an unbeatable crossgrade-
offer, as soon as PriMus is released.
Also for new customers there will be a highly attractive
introductory offer.

-- Do I have to learn everything from scratch? --

Answer: No. If you are familiar with the handling of
Score Perfect, you will operate in PriMus with the
same ease.
And if you have been annoyed by one of Score Perfects
quirks, you will be pleased to see, how things can
be handled much easier.

-- Can I reuse my old SON-files? --

Answer: Yes, of course. Saving our customers work for
the future was one of the high-priority goals, when
we developed PriMus. PriMus loads SON-files smoothly
and lightning fast. Your complete notation-archive
is now fit for future.

By the way: of course the support for our SPP-users
will continue. Just tell your problem, we try to help
as best as possible.

Best regards

Christof Schardt